Thursday, 13 December 2007


Writingmatrix Wiaoc2007

From: vances, 6 months ago

Vance Stevens, Nelba Quintana, Rita Zeinstejer, Sasha Sirk, and Doris Molero
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Dennis said...

Hi, multiliterati.

This will be a terrific blog, I think.

NB:The Slideshare in the first post loads very slowly. I suspect (though I can't be sure) that this happens because the images loaded into the Slideshare were full size. If that's the case, then the accumulated file size for the Slideshare is enormous.

I've noticed that blogs, Ning pages, etc. with multiple Slideshares often take forever to load and have wondered why this is the case. One reason could be that Slideshare automatically resizes images to fit its format, but does so by "squeezing" the images instead of actually scaling them down and compressing them. It bears thinking about.


Dennis in Phoenix